The challenge is for families to write and build a mission statement / vision for their family. We are providing a complete experience that walks your family through how to do that. It comes with a video, audio file and a PDF to download which shows you are families and how to create it for your own family. Our name is GROSS, so our vision is called the The Gross Goods.

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What we have learned is that a healthy, concise, and understood mission and vision is what every marriage needs to thrive. There’s nothing more valuable than for you as a couple to be thinking about a mission statement and letting that protect and guide your marriage. So, what is a marriage mission and vision?

A mission statement comes in many forms. It can be a paragraph that’s beautiful and perfectly worded. It can be seven words that represent the seven pillars you feel like your marriage is called to. Or it can be a mixture of both. Feel free to word it or do it however you would like. The key is putting to paper the things you feel called to and are passionate about to guide the ship and create a legacy for your family. 

There are numerous things we have wished for our marriage and hoped for our kids someday. We think we have done a great job trying and doing some things in our home that point us to those hopes. What we hadn’t done a great job of was stating the goals or mission of our family and why we do what we do. We realized if our goals were thought out and stated, it would help everyone in our home understand why we value certain things, be a filter for what we say no and yes to, and get us to implement our goals instead of just hoping our family and marriage would turn out well. When thinking about our mission, it reminded us of the quote, “Live by design, rather than default.”

So, we decided to put pen to paper and figure out what’s important and what’s not while we raise our family and strive for a healthy marriage. Once our basic goals were written down, we wrote more detail about how we were already putting them into practice. If we weren’t already doing it, we wrote out how to accomplish them. We also included quotes that we always seem to say to the kids. We want to share the vision and mission of our family with you. Our last name is Gross, thus the name of our family mission:

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