Pre-Marital Edition

Best Sex Life Now Pre-Marital Edition is an online video course hosted by couples Dave & Ashley Willis and Craig & Jeanette Gross.It’s a real, honest conversation about sex and marriage, an elegant production for engaged couples, newlyweds, and those allready married that spans 10 different videos (as well as two bonus videos with special guests) and a downloadable discussion guide/workbook.

These sessions were created with the goal of helping married couples to have genuine intimacy and great sex!

There are 10 videos in the series from Dave and Ashley and Craig and Jeanette.

Two bonus videos

10 bonus audio files - One for each lesson. Dave and Ashley and Craig and Jeanette go into more details on a mp3. file each week answering questions from people who are going through the series and diving into more details on each of the topics they covered in the video. These audio files range are roughly 1 hour in length for each lesson. So, you get an addition 8+ hours of content.

Session One: Make It Great

Should Christians be having great sex?

How can we tell when it’s great?

How do we go from bad sex to good sex to great sex?

So, does this mean we should we expect great sex every time?


Session Two: Sexpectations

I’m still a virgin; what should I expect from sex?

My fiancée and I really, really want to go for it right now; why should we wait until the wedding night?

What if the wedding night doesn’t live up to what we imagined?

How often should we be having sex?


Session Three: His Needs Her Needs

What’s the difference between sexual needs and sexual wants?

Does sex fulfill the same needs for men and women?

What’s different for husbands and wives? What’s the same?

Should we focus on getting our own needs met or on meeting each others’ needs?


Session Four: Sex and Intimacy

So, what’s the difference between sex and intimacy?

Can you have one without the other?

How can we use sex to build our intimacy?

How will our strengthened intimacy show up in our sex life?


Session Five: How Do We Know What We Can or Can’t Do?

Are there biblical restrictions on what we can do in the bedroom?

What about physical or health restrictions?

What if one of us is uncomfortable with something the other one wants to try/do?


Session Six: Extra’s In Bed

Is there more to sex than the actual sex?

What about stuff like sexy lingerie, toys, and sexting – is that okay?

What can what we do outside of the bedroom to build anticipation towards what happens inside of the bedroom?


Session Seven: When Sex Goes Wrong

What to do when your sex life has gone wrong.

When sex is withheld to punish or used as a reward, it cheapens the sexual relationship causing a toxic tug of war.

Can withholding sex cause my spouse to turn to porn/masturbation?

How do we move forward after trust has been broken (porn/affair etc.)?

Is professional help/counseling necessary?


Session Eight: When My Spouse Does Not Want To Have Sex

My past negative experiences are being triggered.

Insecurities with my body.

We have grown apart.

Relationship needs work.

We are two different people now.

He / She doesn't listen to my needs.

Sex isn't as good as it was prior to marriage with other partners.


Session Nine: When Life Goes Wrong

In busy seasons we are often tired and exhausted. It's easy to become distant.

Caring for children and parents can be a distraction. Can't we just put sex on the back burner for a time?

Our sex life is great – it’s everything else that stinks for us right now. In fact, sex is pretty much all we have at this point. Isn’t that enough?


Session Ten: Getting Past The Past

I know what I’ve heard from our culture and society about sex, but it seems like God might have something different to say about it. What’s his master plan here?

I used to have a “love on demand” view of sex. How can I change that?

I used to sleep around a lot, and it’s affecting the way I view married sex. What should I do?

I grew up with a pretty messed-up idea of sexuality. Got any ideas on how I can form a healthy view of it?


Bonus Video 1 Jon & Jennifer Kitna

Jon & Jennifer Kitna share how they use a biblical model for their marriage from Ephesians 5:22-33 (Husbands love your wives and wives respect your husbands)

Biblical submission is a natural response out of love to come under the protection of another.

How a husband can bring out the best in his wife.

How a wife can be available to her husband.

Is sex something that should be earned in the marriage?


Bonus Video 2 Aaron & Jennifer Smith

Aaron & Jennifer Smith share real sexual struggles they overcame in their marriage. Struggles of sexual brokenness that led to bitterness and anger.

Getting married doesn't always fulfill sexual drive.

When desires are not met, anger is often the outcome.

Feeling guilt is normal when there are sexual problems or issues.

Finding others like you helps relieve the weight.

Do whatever it takes to fix the problem.

Mental damage and past experience needs to be worked through.

God will always teach you something no matter what the scenario is.

Press in towards God and towards each other- not away from.

Pre-Marital Edition

It’s a real, honest conversation about sex and marriage, an elegant production for married couples, newlyweds, and those about to be married that spans 10 different videos plus two bonus videos.

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