Fighting For My Marriage

Fighting for My Marriage is a proven program that will strengthen (and possibly even save) your marriage. We’ve built upon the testimonies of thousands of couples throughout the years to offer a resource specifically for those of you who are struggling in your marriage. Whether you are in this together, or you're one of the many men and women currently fighting this battle without the support of your spouse, Fighting for My Marriage will give you the solutions and support you'll need for the journey ahead.

This program includes:

The Fighting For My Marriage Video Series: Ten video modules that will help you navigate the delicate path toward a stronger marriage, focused specifically on helping those who are struggling in their relationships move toward healing and joy. These videos are the culmination of all we’ve learned from thousands of couples over the past decade.

A Library of Our Marriage eBooks: Including bestsellers full of practical wisdom and tools that have already impacted thousands of couples worldwide.

The Guidebook: More than a book or journal, this guidebook is a therapeutic process experience to help you walk through your struggles, your doubts, your miscommunications, your hang-ups, your hurts and your dreams for the future of your marriage and family.

Free access to our MARRIED Conference: Over six hours of teaching, behind the scenes interviews, and a marriage comedy routine - because we all need to remember to laugh a little. We’ll explore key ways to make every moment in your marriage count.

Best Sex Life Now Video Series: We know that one of the many factors driving a wedge between marriage relationships are related to sex (or a lack thereof), so we're including an additional 10-video-series resource that focuses exclusively on issues related to sexual intimacy.


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